Oktober 2017

Omdat tips nou eenmaal altijd welkom zijn!

Social media rondom uw evenement: 20 tips, do’s en don’ts

Social media en evenementen, het is een match made in heaven. Want social media zijn ideaal in het voortraject, om uw community al mee te nemen, om nieuw potentieel te bereiken, om uw evenement al te laden, etc etc. Tijdens het event zorgt u en uw bezoekers voor een nog veel groter bereik door te delen en na afloop zorgt het voor een krachtig natraject en is het meteen uw podium voor de opmaat naar volgend jaar. Maar dan moet u wel weten wat u moet doen. 20 tips.

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Omdat de klant altijd koning is..

Project Management Tactics Event Planners Should Never Use

Traditional project management is a great way to stay organized but there are several tenets of PM work that should never find their way into event planning. Are you currently using any of these organizational tactics? If you are, you may be sacrificing your own efficiency and wasting valuable time.

Sure, event planners are more artists than project managers but a lot of companies are foisting project management principles and techniques on them. And that’s not all bad. There are several things event planners can learn from project management.

But many event professionals acquiesce without understanding the ramifications of their process. The client’s always right, after all. But there are several basics of project management you should never agree to. They’ll likely detract from your event and cost you time and energy you don’t have to spare.

Project Management Tactics Event Planners Should Never Use

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Helaas dat we daar tegenwoordig rekening mee moeten houden. Ook in de budgettering


Event Insurance: How to Protect Your Event From Threats

There are a lot of complexities around event insurance, particularly in terms of event terrorism cover. This complete guide for event planners outlines the things you need to consider to ensure you choose the best cover for your events.

The face of terrorism is changing and so is the need for event terrorism insurance. With the escalation of terrorism we chart what you need to know about the increasing need for event protection.

Prior to 2001, terrorism causing an event stoppage or worse wouldn’t have made our radars. Sure, some of us may remember the plane hijackings of the 70s and 80s or the IRA incidents of the 1990s, but for most, at least in the U.S., a terrorist occurrence seemed almost as far off as being struck by lightning. Today, it’s not only a serious concern it’s one that’s evolving and something you shouldn’t take lightly.

Terrorist activities can impede your event in a number of ways including:

  • Affecting your actual event (as in the shooting at the Jason Aldean concert in Las Vegas)
  • Wounding attendees in a public area (like attendees being injured in a free evening out during your event)
  • Tying up the transportation (during and after terrorist activities public transportation like the Metro and planes may be canceled, rescheduled, or immensely delayed as occurred with the bombings in the Brussels airport in 2016)
  • Making people afraid to attend your event and requesting last-minute, emotionally-driven cancellations
  • Destroying your venue

Without terrorism insurance you could pay astronomical expenses to the family of anyone who is injured at your event, not to mention exorbitant cancellation fees if the terrorist act occurs before your event and causes you to rethink your venue. There are a lot of areas in which you need to protect your event but exactly how do you do that? How does terrorism insurance work and what can you expect?

Event Insurance: How to Protect Your Event From Threats

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