November 2014

Beantwoord deze 5 vragen en je weet of je klantenstrategie klopt!

How to Avoid ‘Hit and Run’ Event Marketing – Managing your Visitors as Lifetime Customers

November 20, 2014

Your event was a success, you sold out all of the tickets, and your visitors enjoyed the event.


Your marketing did what it had to do, just get in front of the visitor, get the ticket sale or booking and then get out again. Perhaps these visitors will hopefully come back next year. Job done.

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Iedere stap die je zet is belangrijk!

The Pathway to Explosive ROI: 3 Stages of Event Growth

November 18, 2014   |   AUTHOR: Cathy Key

We all want to create events that have a positive impact both on our audience and on the bottom line. However, creating the conditions for profitability require knowing when to invest and when to save, when to play it safe and when to take risks. In this article we look at 3 stages of event growth and their impact on decision making.

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Iedere seconde telt!

You Have 8 Seconds to Make Your Event Count!

November 12, 2014   |   AUTHOR: Holly Krenek
There’s a big problem event planners today must solve as we creep into 2015 and begin mapping out our event marketing strategies for the year ahead. If you have not noticed,
attendee knowledge has increased year over year, and the rate is accelerating rapidly. We have any information we need at our fingertips, available 24/7 wherever we go.You Have 8 Seconds to Make Your EventLees het hele artikel op


Stay tuned!!

Three Ingredients to Help you Improve your Event

November 6, 2014

This is a sponsored post by Sandro Spiess, Head of Marketing at Xing Events. More information about Event Manager Blog’s sponsored posts.Digital technology and innovation are shaping the way we live, work and interact with others. In today’s event industry, technology plays an important role.


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 Mooie infographic over de 11 belangrijkste punten voor een goed blog!

So. You think you’ve got yourself a good blog post.You chose your writing style. You knocked out the first draft. You allowed it to sit for an hour or a day. Now it’s time to edit that bad dog — ruthlessly. So that it has a fighting chance in the trenches.


Op het artikel en de infographic met de checklist!


Voor een betere wereld!

7 Winning Ways of the Event Food Waste Warrior

November 4, 2014   |   AUTHOR: Shawna McKinley
                                                                                                                                  Virtually every green event checklist includes a call to curb food waste. Here on Event Manager Blog we’ve shared a few ideas to consider. But how does a meeting planner practically implement a food waste reduction program? After all it’s not all about checklists. What process steps do you follow?

I recently shadowed event planner Sandra Wood, CMP, on her mission to curb food waste at the Canadian Medical Association’s (CMA) Annual Meeting in Ottawa, where her team prevented three metric tons of food waste. Her plan models seven steps you can duplicate at your event to save money, help those in need and protect the planet.

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