April 2015

Dit blijft voor mij toch echt een dingetje oftewel een leerproces..


April 22, 2015   |   AUTHOR: Kelli White

Most Event Planners truly enjoy going to work every day. We all love the excitement and energy that surrounds our chosen profession. But how can you balance a successful and thriving career or business, while also having a stable and healthy personal life?image: http://www.eventmanagerblog.com/uploads/2015/04/EMB_image_healthy.jpg

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50 tips altijd handig!

AUTHOR: Andy Crestodina |

The date is set. The venue is booked. Now you just need to get people to show up. Worried? Maybe a little? Don’t be.

If you’re not sure how to market an event, here’s a list of 50 event marketing tips.You don’t need a big advertising budget or celebrity endorsements to make this work. Just use this list as your event marketing plan. Here are our best practices for filling a room…


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We hebben er allemaal wel eens last van: gebrek aan inspiratie

How to Get the Creative Juices Flowing for your Next Event

April 8, 2015   |   AUTHOR: Holly Krenek   |

Sometimes you can find yourself in a rut, not knowing where to turn for inspiration for your next event – whether it be creative ideas for a dinner, trade show booth, email template, or social media campaign.EMB_image_creativejiuces

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