December 2014

In de laatste maand van 2014 nog een paar mooie tips

10 Event Trends for 2015

December 16, 2014   |   AUTHOR: Julius Solaris

Our most popular article of the year, 10 Event Trends, is out in its 2015 version. What will define the way we run events next year?

10 event tredsn for 2015

10 Event Trends is a tradition of this blog. It’s a presentation featuring the 10 trends defining the event industry for the next year. This year for the first time we are also releasing a FREE report for you to download, with no email required.

We’ve been running this presentation for the past 5 years and frankly we are not tired of it. More than 375,000 viewed the slides, thousands downloaded, liked and commented on them. I’ve personally presented them all over the world.

10 Ways to Bootstrap your Event Marketing
December 10, 2014   |   AUTHOR: Cathy Key

Only a small percentage of events have abundant marketing budgets. In most cases, event planners find themselves working with limited budgets and marketing is often one of the first line items to get slashed. Without marketing there are no sales and without sales there is no money. That’s why many planners find themselves doing their marketing on a shoestring budget. In this article we look at what you can do to kickstart your event marketing with limited resources.


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5 Unique Ways to Make Your Company Holiday Party Enjoyable for Everyone!

December 3, 2014   |   AUTHOR: Holly Krenek

Like all event planning projects, planning holiday parties and projects around the office should focus on the attendees. Organizing annual office holiday soirées should be fun, memorable and bring everyone together for the special gift of bonding and making everlasting team-building memories to share into the New Year.

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