Oktober 2014



Love it when a plan comes together!

Boost Your Event Communication with Automation

October 16, 2014   |   AUTHOR: Guest Author   |

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With all the different technology that is available today it is almost like you only need a team of one to run your event.


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Budget is key!

3 Easy Ways to Keep Any Event Budget on Track

October 22, 2014   |   AUTHOR: Holly Krenek

It’s the one-time, I MUST have that expenses that kill any event budget. Every event needs a budget. It’s the golden nugget that keeps events together. It tells us what we can afford on a small or sometimes larger scale, yet sometimes we tend to want more than what we are allowed.

Creating a budget plan is the way to go for all event planners to stay on top of their budget. It’s not an easy task, but one that is an absolute must to keep your event calculated correctly, and stress-free.

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 Omdat je nu eenmaal meer leert van bad practises dan van best practises!

Event SOS: Where did it all go wrong? How I plan to put it right

October 15, 2014   |   AUTHOR: Guest Author

How hard can it be? According to Wikipedia, London and its commuter belt holds 13,614,409 people. That’s a lot of folk.


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